UNIX Users Association of Southern California

2004 meetings
2004 February 9: Parsing Logs Mark Nagel, Willing Minds LLC
2004 March 8: Handling Security Incidents Mark K. Mellis, SystemExperts Corporation
2004 April 12: UNIX Accounting and Resource Management Matt Ingenthron, Sun Microsystems
2004 May 10: Copyright and Wrong Rey Muradaz, Attorney
2004 June 14: Penguin Power Ralf Pieper, Member
2004 July 12: Computer Security Jon Lipsky, FBI Special Agent
2004 August 9: OpenBSD in your home Scott Francis, Member
2004 September 13: From CVS To Subversion With Love Joachim Feise, Member
2004 October 11: Really Bad Perl Scripts and How Not to Write Them Kenytt Avery, Member
2004 November 8: GnuPG Matt McKenzie, Member
2004 December 13: Plone/Zope Dr. Andrew Ho

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