UNIX Users Association of Southern California

UUASC Orange County Chapter

Meeting Schedule

No further meetings are currently scheduled

UUASC OC Chapter meetings are currently in limbo pending new leadership. Without persons actively arranging meetings, they don't happen. Please consider helping.

Meetings have always been on the second Monday of each month from 7 to 9 pm. Generally, meetings should include a technical presentation on a hardware or software topic of current interest to the UNIX community and a round-table discussion of current topics of interest to the group. We are always looking for interesting presentations and your suggestions are most welcome.

Recent meetings
2012 January 9 Backups General discussion
2012 February 13 No meeting Meeting cancelled
2012 March 12 Drupal - Platforms 2012 Chris Charlton, Stauffer New Media Development
2012 April 9 The High Costs of Mining Dr Christopher Kim, Chapman University
2012 May 14 Party Time Party Time
2012 June 11 GenieDB Marc Bir, GenieDB
2012 July 9 Migrating from Subversion to git Todd Jackson, Member
2012 August 13 No meeting Meeting cancelled
2012 September 10 dotCloud David Oswald, Member
2012 October 8 No meeting Meeting cancelled
2012 November 12 Fun with dotfiles Adrian Luff, Member
2012 December 10 Geek gift ideas Adrian Luff, Member
2013 January 14 Tracking configuration files with GIT Anas Mughal, Member
2013 February 11 Using tmux Adrian Luff, Member
2013 March 11 A Brief Overview of the World of Parallel Programming Mike Elliott, Member
2013 April 8 Backup Strategies for our Digital Lives Adrian Luff, Member
2013 October 14 Streaming Ciphers and Cryptographic Key Handling Todd Jackson and Mike Elliott, Members
2013 November 11 Booting your Intel-compatible Server: A story of BIOS, system firmware, and boot-loaders David O'Shea, Emulex Corporation

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Chapter Library

The UUASC maintains a library of books related to UNIX. Books may be borrowed by members. See the library page for details.

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