Orange County Chapter

Program, August 2004

OpenBSD in Your Home

Monday, August 9, 7-9 pm

Scott has made available a copy of his slides.

A member of the Los Angeles chapter panel on BSD held in 2003 will venture down to Orange County to explain why he prefers the advantages found in OpenBSD to any other operating system.

UUASC's own Scott Francis, who serves as a constant source of knowledge for those on the UUASC general email list, will enlighten us on a set of activities that are commonly used or requested on home networks that can be easily and securely accomplished using OpenBSD as a desktop OS.

Scott will discuss the new CARP protocol released in OpenBSD 3.5 this past May, the long-awaited SMP support, Samba, restricted-access web serving, NAT, packet filtering, queueing, load balancing, remote access, backups, and the ports tree. Time permitting, he will demonstrate a dual boot installation of OpenBSD on a Windows machine without losing any Windows data.

Scott is a senior systems admininstrator who prefers a minimum of "post-install baby-sitting". He was first introduced to UNIX about 10 years ago, and was immediately hooked. He has subsequently managed UNIX networks ranging from 20-500 servers.

Our president introducing the meeting
Scott talking about OpenBSD

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