Orange County Chapter

Program, December 2004


Monday, December 13, 7-9 pm

Andrew has made available a copy of his slides.

It is time to re-visit Zope, which was one of UUASC's most popular topics when presented in Los Angeles back in May 2001. This time Dr. Andrew Ho, who is renowned to the zope.org folks, will pay us a visit and introduce us to Plone. Plone is a content management system that was recently discussed on the UUASC general email list.

At the December meeting, Andrew will describe the architecture and motivation behind the Zope web application server and related tools. He will use examples from DTML, Python, Page Template, other programming languages, and the Zope security framework. Then, he will turn his attention to Plone, which uses Zope components to allow developers to build a customized content management portal within a few hours. Time permitting, Andrew will discuss OIO.

Andrew is the lead developer of Open Infrastructure for Outcomes, a web-based clinical and research information system that features plug-and-play web-forms implemented with Zope and PostgreSQL. He doubles as an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA. His areas of research include data interchange, database security, and treatment outcomes monitoring.

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