Orange County Chapter

Program, April 2004

UNIX Accounting and Resource Management

Monday, April 12, 7-9 pm

Los Angeles invades Orange County!

At the April meeting of UUASC-OC, Matt Ingenthron of Sun, who for the past three years has hosted the popular LA meetings of UUASC, will visit us to speak about resource management features under UNIX.

Matt will explain how when consolidating systems, we need to be cautious to ensure applications that will be sharing a common system won't affect each other's performance. This talk will cover the problem and what is available to solve it, and will be somewhat specific to Solaris, but mostly general to all UNIX flavors.

Matt is a systems engineer focusing on software for Sun Microsystems (after having escaped the .com era in the late 90s). He now serves Southern California and Southern Nevada, and has presented exciting programs to the LA crowd on topics such as dynamic reconfiguration, thin clients, Solaris x86, and clusters.

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