Orange County Chapter

Program, February 2004

Parsing Logs

Monday, February 9, 7-9 pm

Mark has made available a copy of his slides.

UUASC guru Mark Nagel will provide an encore to his June 2003 presentation on system and network log and trap monitoring. There is a new version of SEC, and even if you caught the last show, you may want to find out about all the new features available. If you missed it last year, this is definitely must-see UUASC.

At Monday's meeting of UUASC-OC, Mark will focus on the development of rule sets and custom scripts for the open source SEC (Simple Event Correlation) package, and he will touch on SNMP trap handlers, tools and collection methods for active and passive monitoring of status information from network devices using UNIX systems.

Mark will describe various open source tools and custom scripts while discussing data trends for graphical presentation and analysis, device and interface fault detection, data reduction via reporting and event correlation techniques, Cisco NetFlow accounting export and analysis, and device configuration change detection and command logging.

Mark is a principal consultant and co-founder of Willing Minds LLC, http://www.willingminds.com/about/pro_mdn.html , a consulting firm specializing in server and network infrastructure services.

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