Orange County Chapter

Program, October 2004

Really Bad Perl Scripts and How Not to Write Them

Monday, October 11, 7-9 pm

Kenytt has made available a copy of his slides.

UUASC prides itself on presenting fair and balanced UNIX. After hosting a series of lessons on AWK during the past couple of years, we felt it necessary to provide a Perl tutorial.

Kenytt Avery, one of UUASC's resident Perl programmers, maintains that Perl has a reputation for being ugly because too many people insist on writing poor code. At the October meeting of UUASC-OC, Kenytt will take some really bad Perl scripts and show us how to whip them into shape.

He will show us some common errors, how to fix them, and how some common Perl idioms can make your code easier to read and maintain. Examples will be drawn from open source projects such as NMIS, MetaDot, and LogWatch, and names will not be changed to protect the guilty.

Kenytt once had the goal of acheiving more industry certifications than any other unemployed sysadmin, but is now gainfully employed by Willing Minds LLC. He wrote his first Perl program in 1993.

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