Orange County Chapter

Program, July 2004

Computer Security

Monday, July 12, 7-9 pm

Jon passes along two sites he mentioned in his talk: The Global Justice XML model and The National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan.

FBI Special Agent Jon Lipsky, Acting Director of the Los Angeles Joint Drug Intelligence Group, will speak to the Orange County chapter. His primary topic will be approaches to computer security, and he will also describe the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan. Although his primary emphasis will be on security for computers using the UNIXTM operating system, aspects of computer security for other operating systems will also be discussed. And as always at UUASC meetings, there will be a generous opportunity for audience questions.

For this special presentation, the UUASC invites everyone with an interest in computer security. Computer security impacts all computer users. The opportunity to hear the views of the FBI should be of interest to nearly everyone using a computer. Lack of interest in UNIX should not deter attendance.

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