Orange County Chapter

Program, May 2004

Copyright and Wrong

Monday, May 10, 7-9 pm

Rey has made available a copy of his slides. We took the liberty of converting them to PDF using OpenOffice.org. The original slides and related material are in the Zip file provided by Rey.

Copyright is an issue that affects anyone who has ever created a simple shell script or developed a full-blown killer app. It especially affects those who borrow code from others. A lot of confusion surrounding copyright exists as to when it applies and how.

At the May meeting of UUASC-OC, a lawyer/corporate IT executive who crafts what he terms "reasonably-priced and bullet-proof" licenses and contracts for software developers will try to clear up that confusion for us.

Rey Muradaz, who is an attorney specializing in issues related to intellectual property law, and who doubles as an experienced CTO in both the non-profit and commercial sectors, will explain how we can use copyright to protect our code, and will compare the strengths and limitations of several different licensing approaches. He will distribute sample licensing language for each of those approaches that we can include either within our code or as an accompanying file.

A developer himself, Rey's most significant project was working with SecretAgents.com, a web development shop that uses ColdFusion and the Fusebox methodology to produce web apps in 24 hours.

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