Orange County Chapter

Program, September 2004

From CVS To Subversion With Love

Monday, September 13, 7-9 pm

Joe has made his slides available (OpenOffice.org format).

The "migration path from CVS to Subversion" might sound like picking up a drug prescription before heading out to over-throw the government. However, we will find out how that phrase means much more than that, and for those who work on programming teams that actively share and update the same source code files, the migration is of special interest.

At the September meeting of UUASC-OC, UUASC's Joachim Feise will give us an overview of the CVS version control system and its successor, Subversion, followed by a description of the set-up and operation of those systems in sandboxed environments suitable for anonymous read access, e.g. Open Source projects.

Joe will discuss encryption usage in both programs, the advantages of Subversion, the mentioned migration path, and common pitfalls.

A UNIX user since the late 80s, Joe is a software developer working towards his PhD at UCI. He has maintained the Open Source WebDAV client tool "DAV Explorer".

Joe talking about CVS and Subversion

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