Orange County Chapter

Program, March 2004

Handling Security Incidents

Monday, March 8, 7-9 pm

Mark has made available a copy of his slides.

Security incident handling is more than just forensics which was examined in great detail at last month's UUASC-LA meeting. In fact, it is the response outside of forensics that has the greatest impact on the future of one's company and our jobs within it.

At the March meeting of UUASC-OC, UUASC's own Mark K. Mellis, a favorite of those members who have heard him speak at prior meetings, returns to draw on his experience in incident handling, nuclear power plant operations, and the Boy Scouts, to help you prepare an incident response plan that could save jobs and companies.

Mark works as a senior IP networking and Internet security consultant for SystemExperts Corporation, and has handled numerous computer security incidents worldwide. Prior to becoming a consultant, he worked as a software developer concentrating on release engineering, "userland" code, and device drivers for UNIX ports for Ridge Computers, MIPS, Stratus Computers, Sony, and NCD.

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