UNIX Users Association of Southern California

2010 meetings
2010 January 11 Agile Security Peter Schawacker, Security Operations Center Consulting
2010 February 8 FedEx Technology and the Purple Promise Vic Amet, Federal Express
2010 March 8 How I (mostly) wrestled control of my data from evil corporate overlords Charles Wyble, Member
2010 April 12 Cloud computing use cases Ralf Pieper, Member
2010 May 10 Engineers Without Borders redux Israel Lopez, EWB-OC
2010 June 14 How to build an Open Source 8-bit computer and save the world Braddock Gaskill, CEO, Dockside Vision Inc
2010 July 12 The Dogtag Certificate System Todd Jackson, M86 Security
2010 August 9 MapServer Dan Braithwaite, UCI
2010 September 13 Photography Through the Digital Age, From Silver to Silicon Jack Denman
2010 October 11 My Datacenter is in a Wiki Matthew Sacks, Member
2010 November 8 Command line multimedia tools Dallas Legan, Member
2010 December 13 The Unix Administrator's Role: A Software Engineering Director's perspective Rene Mader, Arkipel

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