Orange County Chapter

Program, February 2010

FedEx Technology and the Purple Promise

Monday, February 8, 7-9 pm

How do FedEx packages get delivered on time across the world? What's involved from the initial consultation call to the successful delivery of packages across the globe every day? In order to make this happen, there must be a commitment of willingness of the employees to deliver an outstanding customer experience every time. This is what FedEx calls the "Purple Promise: I will make every customer experience outstanding". In order to be successful at operationally moving millions of packages a night, you must have the technology to utilize the data of the package. Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, had the insight to know early in the 1970s that the information on the package is as important as the package. As FedEx grew from a small in-the-red one-building company with ten planes into a multi-billion dollar global company with over 600 planes and 200 locations across the world, two things went hand in hand: technology and outstanding customer service.

Our speaker of the month, Vic Amet, will describe how FedEx Customer Integration Consultants link and lock customers host systems using a "holistic consulting" approach, implementing various solutions including FedEx Ship Manager, Web Services, and FedEx.com to capture their customer's critical package data. In addition, Vic will step through various technologies being used throughout the FedEx Network. These include the courier's SuperTracker hand-held computer to record the transit of shipments throughout the network, COSMOS (Customer Operations Service Master On-Line System) computerized package tracking system that monitors every phase of the package delivery cycle, and finally the Matrix -- the brain of the Memphis Hub Facility that sorts millions of packages everyday.

Vic Amet has 16 years experience at FedEx. Starting in Operations, he managed people, packages, and couriers for four years. He then moved into a new technical consulting role with sales where he consulted and implemented over 600 customer solutions. Currently Vic is a Customer Automation Manager. He manages a team of consultants from Orange County to Las Vegas for FedEx in Irvine. Vic received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly Pomona.

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