Orange County Chapter

Program, July 2010

The Dogtag Certificate System

Monday, July 12, 7-9 pm

We have an audio recording of Todd's presentation.

Thanks to Jonathan Broome for providing UUASC-OC with a temporary home! Those of you who were at the June meeting are already aware that we will be unable to use the Oracle offices for the next couple of months because they are moving out of their office at 2020 Main into another building about a block away. We hope to return to the new Oracle location after they complete the move.

At the July UUASC-OC meeting, member Todd Jackson will give a presentation on the Dogtag Certificate System. Dogtag was released recently as a completely open source project by Red Hat as a part of the Fedora 13 release.

The presentation will provide a brief background of x.509 certificates. It will feature a short history of the Dogtag project, installation considerations, and a demo of the operation of this software. We'll also compare the features of the Dogtag system against other options.

Todd is the Senior Systems Engineer at M86 Security, where he is responsible for the OS and hardware platforms used in M86 Linux-based products.

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