Orange County Chapter

Program, April 2010

Cloud computing use cases

Monday, April 12, 7-9 pm

We have a video recording of Ralf's presentation.

At our April meeting, UUASC member Ralf Pieper returns to talk about cloud computing. He will discuss reasons why you should (or maybe shouldn't) use it to supplement or replace your IT infrastructure. Ralf will highlight the ever-popular EC2, as well as S3, RightScale, PoolParty, Chef, and the Eucalyptus "private cloud" software.

Ralf started out being interested in electronics, then he discovered programming and his interest focused on computers. He made a good living doing database programming during the early days of the PC in the business world, and then moved on to being a Linux system administrator. A few jobs ago he had a chance to get involved with Amazon EC2 and S3, which has lead to his current interest in automating the management of cloud-based computing.

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