Orange County Chapter

Program, June 2010

How to build an Open Source 8-bit computer and save the world

Monday, June 14, 7-9 pm

Braddock has provided a copy of his slides. We also have an audio recording of Braddock's presentation.

At the June meeting in OC, Braddock Gaskill will discuss his open source hardware and software project designed both for hobbyists and as an e-book reader for developing nations. The device can store a 5,000 book library or the better part of Wikipedia and display it on any TV set in a developing-world village library - all for under $20. It is also a fun general purpose 8-bit computing platform comparable in raw capability to the Apple II and built, in part, for experimentation and hobbyists. The entire system is open sourced, and uses GNU toolchain cross development under Linux with heavy OSS throughout.

Braddock's presentation will work through the design, schematic, PCB fabrication, assembly, and software development. He will walk the audience through each stage, cover which tools were used, ponder major design considerations, and pay special attention to open source solutions.

Braddock Gaskill is CEO and co-founder of Dockside Vision Inc, an advanced information visualization and human-computer interface company. Prior to founding Dockside Vision, Braddock had over ten years of experience as a technology consultant in both the defense and commercial sectors. His expertise spans the fields of information visualization, collaborative systems, electronics design, machine vision, information assurance, and robotics control, and includes publications in ballistics simulation, a patent in crytographic authentication, and multiple pending patents in visualization techniques.

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