Orange County Chapter

Program, November 2010

Command line multimedia tools

Monday, November 8, 7-9 pm

Dallas has made his slides available online.

Our presenter this month is UUASC member Dallas Legan. Dallas last presented at UUASC-OC in October 2008.

We frequently think of multimedia on Linux as being a collection of X applications, but there is much that can be done from almost any console. These tool can be used for many reasons, varying from usability/accessability issues, problems that fall through the cracks or are corner cases of GUI front ends and tools, squeezing performance out of low end, light weight or embedded equipment, or just getting more feel for what's going on.

This presentation will survey multimedia tools usable at a raw Linux console, giving examples and tips along the way. Time permitting, we will go over some specific use cases for these tools.

Dallas Legan is an information technologist who has worked in a range of environments from PC's to classic Cray supercomputers. He currently does work for Ergogenesis, a Texas company. He is a graduate of the University of Houston Victoria Center, and enjoys multimedia in his spare time.

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