UNIX Users Association of Southern California

1998 meetings
1998 December 14 Linux, Samba, and the Dark Side Kevin Long, Member
1998 November 9 Recent developments in xDSL technology Dr. George Zimmerman, Pairgain Technologies
1998 October 12 Perl/Tk Mike Elliott, Sun Microsystems
1998 September 14 Digital Subscriber Lines (xDSL) Mike Jones, Epoch Internet
1998 August 10 Open discussion (members)
1998 July 13 UNIX and NT Integration Mike Clark, Auspex Systems
1998 June 8 Swimming in Mud (Choosing a commercial backup product) Curtis Preston, Collective Technologies
1998 May 11 UnixWare 7, AKA System V release 5 George F. Demarest, SCO
1998 April 13 Open discussion (members)
1998 March 9 Defending Against SPAM Matt Bartley, Member
1998 February 9 Comparing Linux Distributions Jason Heiss, Collective Technologies
1998 January 12 X Window System Desktop Environments Mike Elliott, Member

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