Orange County Chapter

Program, November 2012

Fun with dotfiles: Tips and tricks to optimize your environment

Monday, November 12, 7-9 pm

Adrian has made his slides available.

Member Adrian Luff will dig into one of the most obscure parts of your Unix system, dot files. No matter your UNIX experience you're guaranteed* to learn something! Discussion and examples for config files including:

.bash_profile - Advanced aliases using functions, enable advanced bash 4.x features only when available

.ssh/config - How to log in once and open multiple sessions, pass traffic through multiple servers automatically

.ssh/rc - Run custom commands when logging into ssh

Support your favorite advanced terminal on older hosts with infocmp and tic

Enabling the Solarized color scheme in your favorite terminal and programs

*Not actually guaranteed.

As a Systems Engineer, Adrian Luff works on the command line of a variety of UNIX OSes. As an obsessive compulsive, he maintains a single set of dotfiles across hundreds of servers. His idea of a fun Saturday night is reading manpages for obscure options that improve productivity, or just make a program use more colors!

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