UNIX Users Association of Southern California

2009 meetings
2009 January 12 Nginx Konstantin Antselovich, SmartLink
2009 February 9 Scapy Todd Jackson, Marshal8e6
2009 March 9 Garbage Collection Mike Elliott, Member
2009 April 13 Version Control David Mahakian, Member
2009 May 11 Launching Your Own Business George Wu, Member
2009 June 8 OpenStreetMap Hurricane McEwen, CloudMade
2009 July 13 Engineers Without Borders Israel Lopez and Chris Healy, EWB-OC
2009 August 10 Data Mining Dr Ash Pahwa, AssaySoft, Inc
2009 September 14 Real Time Avionics Software Crisis In-Flight and Resulting Investigation Dave Graf, Boeing Corporation
2009 October 12 Tcl and Pipes Dave Close, Compata
Mark Mellis, Mellis and Associates
2009 November 9 Infobright Carl Gelbright, Infobright
2009 December 14 Behind the Scenes - A Software Manager's view of Disney Nick Mansur, Boeing

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