UNIX Users Association of Southern California

1997 meetings
1997 December 8 Safety-Critical Software Development John Cosgrove, PE
1997 November 10 A User's Experience with Java Hugh Daschbach, Member
1997 October 13 PC Networking Using Linux Robert Shingledecker, City of Garden Grove
1997 September 8 Geographic Information Systems Tim Dupuis, City of Huntington Beach
1997 August 11 Securing a New Job Mark Tracy, Bassett and Tracy Group
1997 July 14 DEF CON V (panel)
1997 June 9 Open discussion (members)
1997 May 12 SGI's O2 Workstation Jay Martin, SGI
1997 April 14 Intranet Management Scott Menter, Enterprise Sytems Management
1997 March 10 Internet Infrastructure Jon Bosanac, CERFnet
1997 February 10 Cable Internet Access Rick Guerrero, Cox
1997 January 13 Usenix and UseLinux (members)

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