Orange County Chapter

Program, October 2013

Streaming Ciphers and Cryptographic Key Handling

Monday, October 14, 7-9 pm

This month's UUASC-OC meeting moves to Huntington Beach for its next to next to last presentation meeting. This month features presentations by Todd Jackson and Mike Elliott which involve cryptography and cryptographic key handling.

Todd's presentation, "TLS, Trust, and X.509", will have him go through a detailed example of session setup for TLS, what trust means in this context to both the server and its users, and how X.509 certificates can enhance security or delude a user into trusting a web site.

Mike's presentation, "Streaming Ciphers", will give a brief history of symmetric key cryptography, some of the mathematics behind it, and a discussion of the one-time pad cryptographic technique and ways it can be abused.

Todd is a principal applications engineer at Oracle, involved in release engineering and automation of build, test, and deployment for several components of the Fusion application suite.

Mike is a real-time software engineer with The Boeing Company in Long Beach where he is a contributor to the B1-B and C-17 projects.

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