Program, November 1998

Recent developments in xDSL technology

Monday, November 9, 7-9 pm

At our September meeting, we heard a little about digitial subscriber line technology, the great hope of the telcos to remain competitive in the coming era of high bandwidth. Many members expressed an interest in hearing more. Of course, our members are always right!

At the UUASC November meeting, Dr. George Zimmerman, Chief Scientist at Pairgain Technologies, will explore recent progress in the technology implemented in ADSL systems and its effects on deployment issues. The ADSL industry has rapidly evolved to become the next-generation Internet access modem technology. Reductions in power consumption, advancements in ATM network models, and new standards (e.g. G.lite) are now coming to market enabling the high-speed transmission market in 1999. Substantial progress has been made on installation and deployment issues such as POTS splitters, interoperability, and spectral compatibility. These will be discussed relative to deployment capability on the copper network.

Pairgain Technologies, based in Orange County, has become one of the leaders in the xDSL market. Dr. Zimmerman has been a major contributor to their position, and to the advancement of DSL technologies in general.

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