Program, May 1998

UnixWare 7, AKA System V Release 5

Monday, May 11, 7-9 pm

UNIX System V has been around a long time (more than ten years), and for most of that time the definitive standard has been Release 4 (frequently called System 5.4). That reference implementation passed from AT&T to Novell where it was called UnixWare, an homage to their primary focus, NetWare. Then SCO acquired it and has retained the UnixWare name to distinguish it from SCO's previous (and still available) UNIX version called OpenServer. Now, there is a new release of UnixWare, and for the first time in a long time, System V has a new release. UnixWare is now SCO's strategic product, and version 7 is the first step toward 64-bit processing in the official UNIX code base.

For the UUASC May meeting, we are fortunate to have George F. Demarest tell us about this new product. George is a technical marketing manager for SCO and is visiting us direct from Santa Cruz.

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