Orange County Chapter

Program, April 2009

Version Control

Monday, April 13, 7-9 pm

David has provided a copy of his slides, ODP or PPT.

This month, David Mahakian will make his UUASC speaking debut, presenting an overview of three of the most popular open source version control systems.

Tracking changes to your software, scripts, and documents over time seems like a good idea, but is it easy enough to integrate into your work and/or personal projects? After this introduction to version control, you can decide for yourself. Concepts, terminology, and common use cases will be covered, focusing on three common open source version control systems: CVS, Subversion, and git.

David Mahakian grew up at the same time as the personal computer. He spends much of his free time reading about software development (but he can stop whenever he wants). Because the computers at his day job work too well, he spends his evenings trying to get Linux to do his bidding, with varying degrees of success. In his other computer-related free time, David follows the intersection of technology, politics, & law (eg net neutrality, software patents, electronic voting machines).

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