Orange County Chapter

Program, October 2009

Tcl and Pipes

Monday, October 12, 7-9 pm

Dave has provided a copy of his slides.

For October we have two presentations.

  1. The origin and importance of the Unix pipe
  2. Dave Close - Compata

    Dave Close has several decades of experience in the computer industry, specializing in software. He has worked with mainframes in COBOL, mini- computers in BASIC and assemblers, and microcomputers (both PCs and other systems) in a large variety of languages. Dave has worked for large companies, small startups, and as an independent contractor. He has developed software, sold and serviced software that he and others developed, designed software systems, and managed groups doing most of those tasks. Dave is also one of the members of UUASC with the longest tenure and was for many years leader of the group.

  3. Tcl - the Tool Control Language
  4. Mark Mellis - Mellis and Associates

    In his most recent consulting project, Mark served as the Infrastructure Architect, Operations Director, and Information Security Officer for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web business. He had responsibility for the specification, architecture, design, implementation, operations, monitoring, security, and ultimately the decommissioning of the infrastructure for a suite of J2EE applications that served more than seventy thousand students and the distributed collaboration environment that supported the application's development and operations.

    Mark's consulting career spans a period of fifteen years and hundreds of engagements, during which he has served clients in the higher education, financial services, manufacturing, and high-tech sectors, including more than 50 of the Fortune 500, in the US, Europe, and Australia. These engagements encompassed application security assessments, incident response, architecture reviews, firewall design reviews, firewall policy and process design, incident response planning, intrusion detection design and implementation, information classification policy and process design, secure collaboration design, cryptography management best practices, and interdisciplinary troubleshooting.

    Prior to focusing on consulting, Mark worked as a software developer for Stratus Computer and Silicon Valley startups Ridge Computer, Mips, and NCD. Mark began his career as a nuclear power plant operator on U. S. Navy submarines where he held a SECRET security clearance. Mark has written for TechTarget and Usenix's newsletter ;login, and has taught for Networld+InterOp and USENIX.

    Mark holds the CISM certification and is a member of the ISACA (Los Angeles Chapter,) the IEEE Computer Society, UUASC, and USENIX. He studied Physics at the University of Washington.

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