Orange County Chapter

Program, June 2009


Monday, June 8, 7-9 pm

Hurricane has provided a copy of her slides. We also have an audio recording of her presentation.

Our June presentation in Orange county will feature Hurricane McEwen, speaking to us about the OpenStreetmap project. She will give an overview of the project, and explain how you can use the maps that are being constantly updated by a worldwide network of volunteers. She will describe how you can contribute to this project by uploading data from your own GPS system.

OpenStreetMap is "The Wiki Map of the World." Join the fun in creating and using the best map around! Worldwide, there are over 100,000 people contributing to OpenStreetMap. Why? Because this map is what you want it to be. Make the map rich with hiking trails, biking routes, better detail with parking, finding ATMs, a great pub crawl, a horse farm, dog parks and even curling centers! Whatever you want! and it's fun, free and easy to do!

If you like computers, GPS, maps, Free Software or are into GIS you'll love OpenStreetMap. Make a map of your trip. Use a map created just for cyclists, hikers or geocachers!

Hurricane is the community ambassador for OpenStreetMap in the Central Mountain Region. As community ambassador she works to encourage a wide range of participants including GIS, LUG, MUG, OSM groups and hiking, skiing and biking organizations to map what they are passionate about!

Before joining CloudMade, Hurricane worked in free-lance public relations with international experience in the sports, technology and start-up worlds. In her free-time, she enjoys geocaching, hiking, telemark skiing, and rafting. And, of course, mapping these grand adventures!

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