Program, May 1997

SGI's O2 Workstation

Monday, May 12, 7-9 pm

Silicon Graphics has recently announced their O2 workstation. This new system is featured on the cover of the May UNIX Review and features a base price of less than $6K including 17-inch monitor. At the UUASC May meeting, Greg King and Jay Martin of SGI will tell us about the features of the O2 and Brian Larson will demonstrate it. One of the unique features of the O2 which we will surely find interesting is its Unified Memory Architecture which eliminates the need for separate and costly video RAM, buffers, and other functions. Of course, the O2 runs SGI's IRIX version of UNIX.

Note meeting this month is in the Corollary cafeteria at the front of the building. Enter the lot from Kelvin. Enter the building at the front door on the corner of Kelvin and Jamboree.

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