Program, November 1997

A User's Experience with Java

Monday, November 10, 7-9 pm

By now, everyone has heard that Java is more than just a language to add animation to web pages. With database connectivity, support for COM objects, and an ever increasing array of APIs, it is a robust environment for developing both stand-alone and web-based application systems. For our November meeting, member Hugh Daschbach has agreed to present a small Java applet and describe his experiences in learning to program in a Java environment. To try Hugh's applet, click here.

Hugh will assume that most people have heard enough about Java and object oriented development that he will skip past the discussion of encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance. The presentation will cover building programs that can be run as applets or applications, some AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) fundamentals, and arm waving comparisons to implementing a similar program in MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). While this will be primarily of interest to programmers, we expect enough collateral discussion of the implications that Java has for program development and deployment that it should benefit administrators and managers as well.

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