UNIX Users Association of Southern California

Résumés of UUASC Members

Some members of the UUASC have chosen to make their résumés available on-line for the enlightenment of potential employers. If you contact one of these members, please indicate that you found the résumé through the UUASC.

Please note that some of these résumés are not hosted on this web site and UUASC has no control over their content. For those, use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

A member who would like to be added to this page should send a résumé in ASCII or simple HTML format only. Attachments to the résumé will not be accepted. Alternatively, a member may send a URL where the résumé is already available on-line.

Recruiters should also make use of the UUASC jobs announcement list, UUASC-jobs@UUASC.org.

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