UNIX Users Association of Southern California

Member résumé

Michael A. De Tomaso           phones: VOIP:(714) 751-2349  msg:(661) 588-0427
3421 Starside Dr.                      cell:(714) 728-8052
Bakersfield, CA 93312-4456     e-mail: MichaelDeTomaso@earthlink.net
                             web page: DATA MD Home Page


                 UNIX, NT, BBx: Microsoft Application Software Products,
                 HTML, JavaScript, Macromedia: Flash, Fireworks,
                 Dreamweaver UltraDev, Web Development and Graphics: Photoshop.


2003 - 2004 PACIFIC WORLD CORPORATION, Lake Forest, California
            Contract Consulting Programming / Web Development
            Normalization Programming / Web Administration.
            – www. v a r i o u s . sites

2001 - 2002 DONNER CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL, Santa Ana, California
            Contract Consulting Programming / Web Development
            Web Development / Network Administration. – www.DonnerCorp.com

2000 -      Diamond 725 Support Analyst: Oakland, California
            Health Systems Design Corp. - Oakland, California - One
            of Three Remote Analysts to Support Services to HSDC's
            BBx product.  Evaluates and prioritizes incoming telephone,
            voice mail, and e-mail requests for assistance from users
            experiencing problems with Diamond 725.

1999 - 2000 Contract Consulting:
            Remedy Intelligent Staffing - Aliso Viejo, California -
            Y2K BBx Pro5 at Corporate Data Center.

1998 - 1999 AccountNet Systems - Riverside, California.
            Software Developer for MAS90 Accounting Software & Internet
            eCommerce products.  Character & GUI based applications. HTML
            and ProvideX.  Master Developer Products & Services

1997 - 1998 ADD-ON Health Systems/Accu-Med Services/Omnicare, Inc.
            - Irvine, California.
            Support Programmer to some 800+ companies using Add On, that
            specializes in developing clinical and financial software.
            Troubleshooting via telephone and modem support of  BBx Code.

1994 - 1997 CAL-AIR, INC. - Whittier, California
            - Systems Analyst / Network Administrator
            Network Management.  Programming of customized MAI/ASG 2.0a
            in Open Basic.  Y2K and New Technologies.  Administrator for
            UNIX and NT Servers.  BAI EDI to MAI Bank Rec.

1993 - 1994 Contract Consulting:
            Catalyst Systems, Inc.- Irvine, California - MAS90 modifications.
            Information Integration Group - Glendale, California -
            MAS90 modifications.  Software Development Associates -
            Santa Ana Heights, California - Trucking Industry EDI pgm.

1990 - 1992 State Of The Art - Irvine, California - Developer Services Group
            Business Accounting Software MAS90.  Technical Support,
            System Analysis, and Programming Guidance to the Master
            Developers Program.

1989        BlytheCO - Laguna Hills, California - Software Developer.
            System Analysis/Programming software to complement State
            of the Art MAS90, major vertical from A/R to Collection
            Credit package.

1983 - 1988 Watercloud Bed Company Incorporated - Santa Ana, California
            Manager of Information Services. Responsibilities included:
            Management and programming of data processing activities;
            Development of subsystems to interface with vendor software
            package, Profit II .aka. BFMS.


   OCNTUG   Orange County Windows NT User Group
   UUASC    UNIX Users Association of Southern CA


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