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Pasadena, CA 91105
(323) 258-5576


Hands-on Technology Architect / Executive with extensive software projects
experience including architectural analysis, implementation and team
management. Highly skilled in evaluating emerging Internet technologies and
establishing necessary third-party alliances.  Visionary researcher and
enthusiastic leader.  Doctoral degree in physics. Bilingual:
English/Italian.  U.S. citizen.


Internet technologies:	Java J2EE, Open Source XML tools (Apache Xerces,
                        Xalan, FOP and Cocoon), Web Services middleware
			(UDDI, WSDL, SOAP), Microsoft .NET
Systems software: 	Databases, object-oriented architectures, document
                        management systems



Principal Engineer - Internet Technology Strategies   1997-2002
· Led company-wide efforts into advanced Internet technologies selection and
integration by researching, prototyping, and promoting the adoption of Java,
XML and Web Services, creating new competency centers throughout the

Technology Alliances Manager - Java Technologies Acquisition   1997-2002
· Managed corporate technical liaison with Sun JavaSoft, monitoring and
exploiting key new Java technologies.
· Fostered the establishment of a well-informed Java development community
within the company.

W3C Advisory Committee Representative - Internet Standards   2000-2002
· Championed standardization interests at the World Wide Web Consortium.
· Directly contributed to the advancement of new XML international standards
as a member of the XML Schema and XML Protocol Working Groups.

Lead Architect and Project Leader - Product Development   1990-1996
· Directed teams that built and integrated document management systems for
the capture, storage, retrieval and printing of large, image-based

TERADATA CORPORATION, El Segundo, CA	1989 - 1990
Senior Project Leader
· Conducted extensive technical negotiations to select the provider of a
third-party full-text search engine to enhance the functionality of the
company’s Unix multiprocessors-based database machine.
· Redesigned and prototyped the chosen product so that it would run in
parallel mode on the Teradata system.
· Evaluated the opportunity of augmenting the front-end capabilities of the
database machine by integrating a commercial expert system shell.

TLD SYSTEMS LTD., Torrance, CA	1985 - 1989
Project Manager
· Developed an ADA compiler front-end running on DEC, HP and Data General
machines, obtaining first validation by the Department of Defense in July,

ING. C. OLIVETTI S.P.A., Milan, Italy	1980 – 1985
Group Leader
· Contributed to the design and implementation of the first PC-based,
commercial Smalltalk system as part of a joint project conducted by Olivetti
and Digitalk.
· Prototyped new application in that environment including a hypertext-based
document creation system (see Publications: Concept Browser).
· Developed Olivetti’s COBOL and Basic compilers, working with Computer
Science Corporation consultants.
· Managed a team of 15 engineers assigned to the enhancement and maintenance
of the COBOL compiler.


Doctorate in Physics, Universita' degli Studi, Milan, Italy
Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA


 U. Corda, "Design of a Stand Alone Database System for the Collection of
Personal Records," Doctorate Thesis (1977).

 U. Corda and G. Facchetti, "Concept Browser, a System for Interactive
Creation of Dynamic Documentation," Proceedings of the 1986 International
Conference on Text Processing and Document Manipulation (Cambridge
University Press, April, 1986).

 S.L. Coles, U. Corda, D.K. Decker, J.S. Elwell, H. Nguyen, C. Schuler, S.G.
Swerdlow, "An Expert System for the Analysis of DNA Sequences," Human Genome
I --First Annual International Conference on the Human Genome, San Diego, CA
(October 2-4, 1989).

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