Program, October 1996

Corollary Profusion Architecture

Monday, October 14, 7-9 pm

The Intel Pentium Pro processor includes built-in support for four-processor configurations but no way to use more than four on one bus. Corollary investigated several hardware block diagram approaches to breaking this barrier. Recently they announced the Profusion architecture, a way to use up to eight processors while maintaining full compatibility with Intel standards. Thus any UNIX operating system which provides Intel standard multi-processing can take advantage of Corollary Profusion.

At the UUASC October meeting, George White, co-founder and President of Corollary, will present the technical problem, the two rejected block diagrams, and, finally, Corollary's Profusion architecture and plans. George will also probably tell us a bit about the history of Corollary and how the company has led the Intel multi-processor field for years. Corollary hosts the UUASC meetings and this is a good opportunity to express our appreciation directly to George.

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