Program, August 1996

Installing LUG/nut 4 Linux

Monday, August 12, 7-9 pm

SSC has made available a new edition of their LUG/nut CDROM. This is a complete Linux distribution, including Red Hat 3.03, available only through UNIX user groups like the UUASC (for $6.50 including shipping). Several members have ordered copies but a few extras will be available at the meeting. We have also received an evaluation copy of the Pacific HiTech Linux Developers Kit, ten CDROMs, and it will be available at the meeting for discussion.

At our August meeting, we will demonstrate installing RedHat 3.03 using the LUG/nut CDROM. We may have time to do it, or parts of it, more than once, so bring your questions and concerns and we'll try to find answers. Or bring your own systems and do your own installation while others are nearby to help you over any problems. (If you do want to bring a machine, please reply by email to insure sufficient space and power.)

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