Orange County Chapter

Program, April 2011


Monday, April 11, 7-9 pm

April in OC will feature a presentation by Todd Jackson on the ZeroMQ message queuing library. This open source library has a very easy-to-use socket-oriented API. ZeroMQ allows you to easily break programs down into components that can execute independently whether they are running as threads in the same process, independent processes on a single system, or programs running on different computers.

This presentation will cover the basics of the zeromq library and the design patterns that it supports. Particular attention will be paid to using zeromq to take advantage of modern systems with multiple cores. Finally, we will show how the same API can be used to extend an application to run on multiple servers.

The ZeroMQ library is supported by multiple language bindings; this presentation will include examples in Python and C++.

Todd is the Senior Systems Engineer at M86 Security, where he is responsible for the OS and hardware platforms used in M86 Linux-based products.

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