Orange County Chapter

Program, January 2011

Proxmox and pfSense

Monday, January 10, 7-9 pm

Charles has made his slides available online.

Our first meeting for 2011 will feature a presentation by member Charles Wyble. Charles will talk to us about the Proxmox virtualization environment and the pfSense firewall, focusing on the use of these tools to help you retain control of your own data. This is a follow-on to the presentation Charles gave last March regarding data ownership and pulling your data back out of cloud services onto systems that are under your own control.

Charles Wyble is a senior systems and security engineer with 15+ years of experience. His focus in 2010 is owning his data and increasing his networking knowledge. In support of this, he has built out a server farm and (partially) redundant network in his garage. He is in the process of building a malware lab.

He lives in sunny Southern California with his wife Patricia and two dogs, Isis and Ospf. (Yes, they are named after routing protocols.) He frequently hosts hacker parties, where all sorts of cool stuff gets built.

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