Orange County Chapter

Program, July 2008

Sun xVM

Monday, July 14, 7-9 pm

To continue in UUASC's series of programs on virtualization, this time we will turn our attention to Sun Microsystems, which boasts a long history of providing virtualization technology on Solaris systems with zones/containers and even more so on SPARC machines with domains. Now, one of our favorite engineers will treat us to a look at Sun's latest offering, which is available for multiple desktop OSs.

At the July meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Matt Ingenthron will introduce us to the free/open source Open xVM project and give an overview of various virtualization components in Sun xVM.

Matt will demonstrate how to manage a virtualized environment by using Open xVM-based code, and he will teach us how to apply the software to manage Linux and Solaris images in a data center. He will speak about xVM VirtualBox for desktops and xVM Server for servers.

Matt is an architect in Sun's Web Infrastructure Global Team, and has been working with UUASC since 2001. He contributes to the OpenSolaris Web Stack project, which aims to integrate Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, memcached, and other software with OpenSolaris.

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