Orange County Chapter

Program, June 2008


Monday, June 9, 7-9 pm

Todd has provided a copy of his slides. We also have an audio recording of the presentation.

At the June meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Todd Jackson who, back in January, presented a wonderful talk to us on build and release methodology returns to introduce us to an enterprise-grade open source monitoring platform capable of performing application, server, and network management.

Todd will explain Zenoss architecture and object inheritance. He will compare that technology with other popular open source software, and then he will discuss the following Zenoss features: using Nagios plugins, monitoring Windows servers, monitoring subsystems with Zenpacks, and alerting and minimizing false alerts -- event correlation. Todd will even provide a demonstration in which he will mess with a configuration and show a "real" environment.

Todd is a systems engineer with more than 25 years of IT experience who works at 8e6 Technologies. He is responsible for the maintenance of operating systems and the software master images used in supporting more than 7,000 remote boxes scattered around the Internet.

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