Orange County Chapter

Program, December 2007

Linux Clustering

Monday, December 10, 7-9 pm

Charles has made his slides available.

We will pick up from where we left off in October at the Los Angeles County chapter when a presenter spoke to us about Linux networking. Now, he returns to bring us up to date on a related Linux topic.

At the December meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Charles Wyble makes his Orange County chapter speaking debut by this time focusing on performance clustering.

Charles plans to touch on automated provisioning by using custom VMware scripts and Puppet templates. He will show us how to schedule jobs and perform general cluster maintenance, and plans to cover Planet-Lab.

Charles is a system engineer and president of the Linux Users Group at LAX (LiLAX). He frequently presents talks to various user groups and at technical conferences. In addition, he contributed to a number of high profile open source and proprietary products including OpenOffice, GNOME, and VmWare Workstation. He owns and operates his own company, Known Element.

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