Orange County Chapter

Program, October 2007

Building Tools With Perl

Monday, October 8, 7-9 pm

This month a senior systems administrator with years of experience designing tools will share with us the keys to his success in modeling code in a sensible way.

At the October meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Patrick Freeman makes his UUASC speaking debut by using Perl to show us how to take steps to enhance our tool sets, and in doing so, he will focus on modeling-before-coding and object-oriented (OO) programming.

Patrick will reveal the lessons he learned in using Design Patterns in a model-before-code oriented approach to tool writing. He will discuss his successes and failures, and compare them to other approaches. He even plans to open the floor for discussion of our own coding experiences.

Patrick started his career in IT back in the days of Solaris 2.4, mostly involved since that time with system administration and systems design work from the operating system down through the hardware. He is currently working at a pre-market-launch wireless carrier where he designs validation and systems engineering for a newly implemented back haul technology.

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