Orange County Chapter

Program, August 2007

Perl and REs

Monday, August 13, 7-9 pm

An audio recording (68 MB) of Steve's presentation is available.

A renowned author on programming will makes his UUASC speaking debut by sharing his knowledge with us on a number of coding tricks.

At the August meeting of UUASC-OC, Stephen Oualline will teach us how to avoid known pitfalls and provide a few techniques we can use to write better Perl. Then, he will shift gears and focus on making regular expressions more simple for us. This will mark the first time in seven years that UUASC has hosted a talk on the popular topic of REs.

Steve will guide us through the design of many different types of regular expressions and will demonstrate how even the most complex RE can be made simple by incorporating the use of a graph.

Steve wrote many books including "Practical C++ Programming", "How Not To Program in C++", "Wicked Cool Perl Scripts", and "Perl for C Programmers". He has more than 40 years of programming experience.

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