Orange County Chapter

Program, July 2007

Digital Hijacking and Defenses

Monday, July 9, 7-9 pm

Jim has made his slides available.

Systems can be attacked at any layer where they are exposed, and a SANS instructor/security expert will show us a few examples where our computers and networks are vulnerable, and what we can do to keep from becoming victims.

At the July meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Jim Shewmaker makes his UUASC speaking debut by demonstrating for us several hijacking style attacks and introducing us to potential defenses to prevent and mitigate such attacks.

The demonstrations will include shell command and wireless hotspot hijacking, HTTP session stealing, and hiding data in public places. Jim will also illustrate hijacking "public" resources such as DNS servers and search engines as remote storage.

Jim teaches SANS Hacking Techniques, System Forensics, Intrusion Detection, Assessing Wireless Networks, and Reverse Engineering Malware. He is also a consultant for Bluenotch, where he focuses on automation and network security solutions. Jim is currently one of the two GIAC Platinum certified malware experts.

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