Orange County Chapter

Program, March 2007

Virtualization on MacOS X Intel

Monday, March 12, 7-9 pm

MacOS X was a hot topic when we featured a talk on it last year at the Los Angeles chapter. Now we will re-visit the popular operating system by taking it one step further and showing how Apple systems can host several concurrent OS instances.

At the March meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Mark Mellis, who has provided us with high level talks at both UUASC chapters, returns to demonstrate FreeBSD, RHEL, and Windows running natively on a Mac using both Parallels and VMware's Fusion.

Mark will discuss the pros, cons, and gotchas of each product, including networking issues in the virtual environment, importing virtual machines from other systems, and running them on the Macintosh.

Mark is president of Mellis and Associates, Inc., an information security consulting firm based in Southern California. Mark has served as associate information security officer at Stanford University, and has written for TechTarget, ITSecurity Magazine, and Usenix's magazine ;login:, and has taught for Networld+InterOp and Usenix.

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