Orange County Chapter

Program, February 2007


Monday, February 12, 7-9 pm

Mike was unable to make it to the meeting. As a substitute, Dave Close conducted an informal seminar on the same subject. Unfortunately, no slides are available.

UNIX systems utilize filesystems whenever we save data to storage, whether that be to a hard disk or to a removable USB flash stick. The question becomes what makes one type of filesystem better suited than another type for a specific environment?

At the February meeting of UUASC-OC, our own Mike Fedyk will make his UUASC speaking debut by providing us with a complete overview of about 1.5 million different filesystems known to mankind, incluing ufs, ReiserFS, jfs, xfs, openafs, gfs, lustre, pvfs, ceph, ocfs2, zfs, and more.

Mike will cover the spectrum, from standard single block devices to the network and clustered filesystems. He stongly encourages attendees to prepare in advance for his talk by reading the wikipedia entries for the following: inode, journaling_file_system, logical_volume_management, copy-on-write, and paging.

Mike is a systems administrator with seven years experience who contributes to open source projects.

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