Orange County Chapter

Program, July 2006


Monday, July 10, 7-9 pm

Mike made use of the following slides in his presentation.

While the introduction of Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs) made great strides in easing the creation of dynamic web pages, a great deal of complexity still remains in the practical application of those techniques to real-world situations.

At the July meeting of UUASC-OC, longtime member Mike Elliott returns to continue where he left off by introducing us to Struts, an application framework designed to ease developer burdens created by all of that real-world complexity.

Mike will show us how Struts, which is now part of the Apache Jakarta project, provides a substantial separation between specifying what data goes where in a web page and actually getting that data to and from the web page -- complexity which is better dealt with by a program than a programmer. He will provide a practical example of a small Struts application and show the steps needed to use Struts in that situation as well as discuss the fundamental design patterns that Struts facilitates for the benefit of a web programmer.

Mike is currently employed by the Boeing Company in Long Beach, CA, where he uses Struts to develop web-based applications to assist in the development of avionics for the USAF C-17 cargo plane.

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