Orange County Chapter

Program, June 2006


Monday, June 12, 7-9 pm

Ralf has made his slides and notes available.

We're the Orange County chapter and there's a new flavor of Linux on the market. As long as both of those statements are true, our own Penguin extraordinairre, Ralf Pieper, is going to use this chapter as a forum to speak to us.

At the June meeting of UUASC-OC, Ralf will introduce us to Ubuntu, a complete desktop Linux operating system freely available with both community and professional support. Ralf will concentrate on the new release of the latest version called Dapper.

Ubuntu is based on Debian, but differs from it in numerous ways that Ralf will demonstrate to us at the meeting. He plans to perform the demo of Ubuntu running on a PIII laptop. He will also invite people to bring in laptops and perform installs of the OS during the talk. Ralf even encourages folks with Macs as he has copies of PPC Ubuntu available as well. What an awesome night this should be!

Ralf is a technological globe trotter, who has worked mostly on Linux distros and Windows.

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