Orange County Chapter

Program, February 2006

Java Server Pages and Servlets

Monday, February 13, 7-9 pm

Mike has made his slides available.

Servlets and Java Server Pages provide a fast, powerful, and portable replacement for traditional CGI scripts in web servers. Servlets execute within the web server's process space and they persist between invocations, giving them tremendous performance benefits over traditional CGI programs.

At the February meeting of UUASC-OC, our own senior programmer Mike Elliott. who has spoken to us numerous times before, returns to continue the "Java theme" that we recently started. We even plan to give away more FREE Java gear this time.

Mike will introduce us to servlets and JSP in the context of writing simple interactive web pages. He will demonstrate the JBoss web server and servlet container to illustrate a working example developed during the presentation.

Mike is a long-time UUASC member and former program chairperson of UUASC. He is now working for the Boeing Company in Long Beach, where he uses JSP and servlet technology to develop web-based applications for internal use on the C-17 project.

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