Orange County Chapter

Program, January 2006


Monday, January 9, 7-9 pm

David has made his slides available.

If you enjoy reading a million emails every day advertising how by taking just a few pills, you can add inches to your life, and keep it up longer, then this meeting is not for you. But, knowing that UNIX users enjoy greater uptime, all of those kinds of ads should be useless to most of us and just serve as unwanted spam. The question is how do we keep such spam from filling up our mailboxes?

At the January meeting of UUASC-OC, our own email whiz kid, David Maust, who recently taught Postfix to the LA folks, heads south to discuss a popular mail filter system called SpamAssassin. He will guide us through a tour of the software's architecture, the different types of header checks performed to classify mail, and even how to keep our own mail from being blocked.

David will cover various blacklists, the Bayesian filtering system, Habeas, SPF, and DomainKeys. He will also demonstrate how the software can be integrated into various mail environments via the MTA, proxying, or by using Procmail.

David is a top honors Cal State Fullerton student with a double major in computer science and math. He serves as the CSUF chapter vice-president for both ACM and Upsilon Pi Epsilon, where he once booked our own Unix Rabbi as a special guest speaker. David manages the email traffic for those chapters, various web sites, and other mailing lists. In all, he has six years of experience as an email admin running Postfix, Sendmail, and Exchange, and managing anti-spam and anti-virus systems.

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