Orange County Chapter

Program, September 2005

Network Security Using Linux

Monday, September 12, 7-9 pm

Mike has made his presentation available.

UUASC's Linux security expert Mike Sweeney wrote a book, "Network Security Using Linux", and we thought it would be really cool to have him speak to us about it.

At the September meeting of UUASC-OC, Mike will share with us his book's coverage of Linux security in regards to TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, routers, commercial and home brew firewalls, and log files. He will discuss layered security, the open source security model, and Snort.

Mike plans to demonstrate for us Firestarter, SSH and Bastille. He will bring copies of "Network Security Using Linux" and, after the presentation, Mike will be available to sell and sign the book for those in attendance.

Mike specializes in network design, troubleshooting, security, and analysis. His company, Packetattack.com, produces custom training videos and online product demonstrations. Mike's prior published works include contributing to "Cisco Specialist Guide to PIX Firewalls", "Building DMZs for Enterprise Networks", and "Cisco Security Professional's Guide to Secure Intrusion Detection Systems". He is also a contributing author on the TechRepublic and TechGuild web sites.

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