Orange County Chapter

Program, July 2005

What's new with J2SE 5?

Monday, July 11, 7-9 pm

John has made his slides available.

Java anyone? Java is used by many of our members, but more than five years have passed since the last UUASC presentation about it. We are way overdue for a refill.

At the July meeting of UUASC-OC, John Clingan of Sun Microsystems will show us examples of Sun's latest Java product, J2SE 5. He will do so using coding examples from NetBeans 4.1, and he will slip in some features of Generics and Autoboxing as well.

John provided the Los Angeles chapter with an epic class on Solaris Zones that was commented on by Sun's president back in September 2004, As he states in his blog, John works in Sun's Client Solutions Organization, where he possesses a patent on a Java-related invention, and has served as a technical reviewer for numerous Java books.

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